Ramsey Mazda would like to introduce you to Mazda Connected Services that serves as a link between you, your vehicle, our dealership & our brand as a whole! Everyone and everything will be on the same page for your benefit.

So far, this feature is only available on the all-new Mazda CX-30 and the 4th-generation Mazda3. We expect Mazda Connected Services to be added to the amenity lineup for more of our models over time.

What You Get With Mazda Connected Services

Remote Control

You can access your remote control within your MyMazda smartphone app to perform a number of different functions:

  • Remote engine start/stop (unavailable with manual transmission)
  • Remote door lock/unlock
  • Vehicle finder feature that flashes your Mazda's lights
  • Send directions for up to 3 destinations to the in-car navigation system (if your vehicle has one)
  • Vehicle status to show how much fuel you have, the total distance traveled on the odometer, air pressure in each tire & if the doors are locked including the hood being unlatched

Vehicle Health & Notifications

You can have peace of mind knowing that you can get a vehicle health report anytime through the MyMazda app. You will get alerts notifying you of the following:

  • When your next oil change should be & how much oil is there
  • The mileage of your next routine vehicle maintenance milestone
  • If something is malfunctioning under the hood
  • When your vehicle shouldn't be driven & you should get roadside assistance

In-Car WiFi

Want to stay connected while on the go? Mazda Connected Services lets you do that thanks to the ability to turn your vehicle into a WiFi hotspot, providing Internet access for up to 5 devices. Verizon offers varying 4G LTE WiFi plans including a 6-month or 2-GB free trial & unlimited data for just $20 per month.

Safety Features

Mazda vehicles are known for their safety and Mazda Connected Services helps provide even more! Automatic 911 dialing from a Bluetooth-paired phone when it's sensed you're in a moderate-to-severe collision, while Mazda roadside assistance dialing can also be done via Bluetooth for less severe accidents.

Want Mazda Connected Services for your next vehicle? Contact us to learn more about how you can get all of these perks!

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