Why Buy Used in Ramsey, NJ

The Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle from Ramsey Mazda

The Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle from Ramsey Mazda

There are benefits and drawbacks to any vehicle you're thinking about buying, but we want to encourage you to shop our used inventory at Ramsey Mazda in nearby Ramsey, NJ. Let's take a look at the top 10 benefits of buying a used Mazda.


A brand new vehicle depreciates very quickly. If you're looking for a smart financing decision, a used model might be a better idea. Vehicles are being built to last longer and longer. This means that you can drive a used model around for several years in Spring Valley, NY. When you go to sell it, you may end up getting close to what you paid for it. A brand new model would lose around ten percent of its value within that first year.

Getting More Vehicle for Your Money

Instead of selecting a base model Mazda to make it fit into your budget, buying used here at Ramsey Mazda may allow you to choose a higher trim level. Because it's more affordable when it's previously owned, you can end up affording a vehicle that has minimal mileage, it's in great shape, and it's affordable.

The Certified Pre-Owned Market

If you're unsure about a used Mazda but like the sound of how affordable it may be, we have a certified pre-owned program that provides many benefits to drivers around Chesnut Ridge, NY. Our service technicians have to inspect over 100 different points on a vehicle before it becomes certified. Nothing can be wrong with the vehicle. You also get a brand new CPO warranty, roadside assistance, and many other perks.

A Vast Selection

There are approximately 350 different used vehicle models up for sale across the United States right now. This is significantly lower than the number of new models you'll find for sale in the Airmont, NY area. You'll find that you have a much more extensive selection of vehicles when you shop used.

Information Availability

While you can find some of the specifics on a brand new vehicle through the manufacturer, a vehicle that has been around for many years will have much more data available to consumers. Whether you're looking for efficiency numbers, safety ratings, or cost, a used Mazda provides you with the opportunity to research what you're interested in.

Lower Insurance Premiums

It's inevitable that you're going to purchase insurance for your vehicle. Used models typically have lower insurance premiums than the same model when it's brand new.

Lower Registration Costs

The older a vehicle is, the lower the price is to register that vehicle around Ridgewood, NJ. Some states charge a flat rate, but this isn't commonly practiced any longer. Some states have certain taxes on vehicles that are dropped after the vehicle is a couple of years old.


Better quality control, excellent warranty coverage, and routine maintenance result in vehicles that are lasting longer than ever. We make sure that the used Mazda models on our lot are reliable, and we'll help you figure out what routine maintenance you should have performed moving forward that will prevent major problems from taking place.

Vehicle History

There was a time when purchasing a used vehicle around Spring Valley, NY, was a risk. You didn't quite know the quality of the vehicle you were getting. These days, we make sure that every vehicle we sell is worth your money. We provide a free vehicle history report for each model that you're considering.

Aftermarket Help

As people fall in love with their Mazda model, they often start up some local or online communities for that automobile. You can find a lot of useful information through these resources that apply to maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Brand new models simply haven't been around long enough for this to happen.

Visit Ramsey Mazda to Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about the many benefits of buying a used Mazda3, Used CX-5 or any other used vehicle, we encourage you to meet with a member of our team here in Ramsey, NJ. We have a wide selection of used models for you to explore and test drive. We look forward to working with you soon!

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