MyMazda is our brand’s smartphone app that gives you a load of innovative features that make your Mazda ownership or leasing experience so much simpler. Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, there are many reasons why you should download MyMazda.

1. Vehicle Info at Your Fingertips

Within the MyMazda menu, the My Vehicle tab will bring you to vital vehicle information that you may need. This will make doing things like retrieving your VIN to switch your car insurance and getting the exact mileage for your auto mechanic before a repair much simpler.

This tab also allows you to see the drivers for each vehicle and make changes like adding a new driver or deleting someone who no longer drives the Mazda.

2. Schedule Service Quickly

The My Preferred Dealer tab is the place to go to set which dealership you want to get service at going forward. By clicking in the upper right corner of your phone while in this screen, you can hit Edit Dealer and you can find a dealership via the following methods:

  • Nearby using a map, which really comes in handy if you’ve moved or are on a road trip far away from home & need assistance
  • By name (ex. Ramsey Mazda)
  • By ZIP code (ex. 07446)
  • By state and/or city (ex. Ramsey NJ)

Once you have your selection picked, click on the Set Preferred Dealer button and then follow the onscreen instructions that proceed. When that’s configured, you can hit the Schedule Service tab to make an appointment at your preferred dealer & you can go to the My Services tab to access the following MyMazda app features:

  • View your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to know what you need to get done at which mileage milestone
  • Create a service history to indicate what repairs you get done and when they were performed
  • Set service reminders to alert you when it’s time for your Mazda’s routine maintenance
  • See the current service specials being offered by your preferred dealer to keep some money in your pocket
MyMazda Smartphone App

3. Added Glove Compartment Space

Mazda vehicles are known for their in-car storage and the MyMazda smartphone app helps provide even more room. That’s because it gives you easy access to your owner’s manual and other reference material for onboard features like Mazda Connect™, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto in the Manuals & Guides tab.

Everything you’ll need can now be easily scrolled through on your smartphone and there are also options to send a specific page to your email for future reference.

4. Get Vehicle Recall Information

On occasion, there will be a vehicle recall put out by Mazda to indicate if there’s an issue with an onboard component for certain models. By clicking the Recall Search tab, you can find out if there are any recalls currently on the Mazda model(s) you own and all you’ll need to do is select your VIN & hit the Search button.

When you do so, you’ll be able to access detailed information about any and all outstanding recalls that affect your specific model. At the bottom, there’s a Schedule Service button that enables you to make an appointment to get the recall(s) resolved.

MyMazda App Features

The MyMazda smartphone app is compatible with all of our new Mazda cars & SUVs, along with many of our used models in stock including those that offer like-new certified pre-owned benefits. When you buy or lease your next Mazda at our dealership, we highly recommend that you download this app to your iPhone or Android device.

The team at Ramsey Mazda can also help you set up the app before you drive your next vehicle home. Contact us today to learn more about MyMazda or start the process of getting the new or used Mazda of your dreams!

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