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Ramsey Mazda Awarded 2021 Presidents Club and Gold Cup Dealer Status

Ramsey Mazda is proud to announce that for another consecutive year Mazda has named us to the President’s Club and given us the recognition of being a Gold Cup certified dealer! At Ramsey Mazda, we pride ourselves on dedication to customer service and honor these awards bestowed upon us. We are appreciative of our loyal customers and the dedication of our entire Ramsey Mazda team!
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How to Get a Rear Seat Entertainment System in Your Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX 9 Rear Seat Entertainment System
“Mommy, can I use your phone?” “Daddy, can I watch YouTube?”

These are common questions we hear nowadays from young kids, especially if we’re taking longer driving trips together. Gone are the days where bringing toys or books are the norm since we can access all sorts of videos on our phone.

Or even worse: the crying of children because we need our phone to get directions or make a call. But that’s all in the past for the since you can now get a rear seat entertainment system if you have or want to purchase/lease the…

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Are You Changing Your Oil Too Often?

You may have heard that you don't need to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles anymore. You're probably wondering if this is actually true. For drivers with vehicles manufactured 20 or fewer years ago, it is! With the recent advances in both motors and oil, servicing requirements have changed significantly. More efficient engines and the use of synthetics in oil are to thank. It is, however, still important to service your vehicle on time. Many vehicles will notify you prior to service being needed.

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The Importance of Routine Oil Changes For Your Mazda

Importance of Oil Changes
Whether you chose a new, certified pre-owned or pre-owned Mazda you will want to keep your Mazda running at its optimum performance. One way to keep your Mazda running its best is to have your oil changed regularly. Here is why spending the money on routine oil changes can help prevent you from spending a large sum of money down the road.
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